Group Counseling - C. Data

5. Group Counseling

I have spent hours and hours working to make this group as successful as possible. As part of that process I have collected a great deal of data and information to demonstrate progress with our students. The anxiety group was established by an e-mail that I sent out to teachers requesting the names of students they thought might need some support handling their anxiety. After I sent this e-mail I then screened all of the students who were recommended to the group. These screeners are what demonstrated a real need for this group to happen. The students who were selected to participate in group demonstrated a clear need on the GAD7 and my generic screeners.

I also collected data around the beginning of the semester to have access to another data point. This was done digitally using a Likert scaling system. Recently I had students complete this survey again to monitor their progress. I have also asked students to complete another version of my generic screener and the GAD7 again so that I can see their progress at 3 different time points from 3 different instruments.

Most of the data points are unfortunately a little mixed. Most of this is likely because of the different students who have been able to participate in group. Students did report increases in the ability to determine what was causing their anxiety (2.5 to 3) which was reassuring to hear. The open ended feedback was very helpful with several students acknowledging the idea of universality.

Here is a link to an example of the screeners that students filled out.

Here is a link to another example of the screeners that students filled out.

Here is a link to mid-group data (Likert Survey) on how students were feeling/handling their anxiety.

Here is a link to the most recent Likert Survey.

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