Group Counseling - A. Description

5. Group Counseling

Anxiety After being a counselor for about 9 weeks I realized that I was dealing with a lot of students who were experiencing anxiety. I had probably 10-12 students who were meeting with me several times a week and it got to the point where these individual meetings were taking up a great deal of my time. I decided to create an anxiety group to address this and to hopefully talk to these students all at the same time instead of individually. I asked our teachers to submit names of students that they thought would be interested in joining the group and started to screen students that I had experience with. I required all students to return a permission slip to me stating that their student was allowed to attend group sessions. I used the GAD screener to assess each student’s anxiety as well as a general screener to provide me with some more information as to what their goals would be. I decided that group would be an open group as we had quite a few students interested and I knew with covid restrictions that we needed some flexibility. This group would also have a termination date with the end of the school year.

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