School Counselor Identity - A. Description

1. School Counselor Identity

The identity of a school counselor changes on any given day! We are always working with such a variety of issues, people, and roles that everyday is something new! My identity as a school counselor is based in the work that I do everyday from leading school-wide events and activities, to performing individual counseling. Counselors wear a dozen different hats on any given day and it can actually be really difficult to juggle all of the different things that we can do. Some days we deal with everything from students having a bad day to leading staff wide professional development. I have am amazing support system of local mentors, great administrators, and an fantastic network of counselors, colleagues, and professionals to help me in this identity.

Community service is one of my key passions, not only in my career but also in my personal life. I have expanded that passion to my students where I lead a group of 40 some students in community service projects every year. I was able to apply those skills to my cohort as well, where I was able to assist them in setting up a community service project for Riley Hospital. We took a day and recorded ourselves reading children's books so that we could share those audio recordings with Riley's library for students who can't quite read yet. We had a great time and lots of laughs trying to read some of these tongue twister books! You can find these recordings under the artifacts for this competencies.

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